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Coworking Space


As we look back at the 100 companies that we have worked with over the last 9 years, here is a sample of the scenarios where an engagement to work began:


  • Provided mentorship and support to the existing team

  • Provided financial leadership that on a fractional and affordable basis

  • Completed acquisitions and needed resources to project manage the diligence and integration activities, with a focus on the financial analysis of the target


Private Owner/Private equity

  • Needed accounting resources to help build out a more effective accounting and finance function

  • Assisted in the plan to sell a business by focusing on making sure financial information they have will withstand the scrutiny of a Quality of Earnings exercise

Young Businesswoman


  • Was overwhelmed with the level of work on their to-do list, and hired us to assist on a short term basis to lean into the areas that were most critical

  • Built out a detailed budget and forecast model, either due to lack of experience or lack of resources

  • Accounting records were in disarray and needed cleansing and reconciliation

  • Assistance to close out the financial statement for a year-end audit

  • Led implementation and optimization with accounting software

Businessman Thinking
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