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The best decision you'll make FOR NAVIGATING your company's FINANCIAL evolution,

We're a consulting firm that offers specialized accounting, finance and acquisition diligence & integration support services.


We deliver value based on a scope of work within the accounting and finance function of your business. We have had the pleasure of providing these services to over 100 different companies over the last 9 years.


X-it Strategy founder, Ken Wiesenfeld, has over 30 years of progressive accounting and finance experience. Prior to starting Xit Strategy, he was the CFO at Security Networks, where the company grew from $5 million to $100 million in revenue. It was successfully sold to a public company in 2013.


We created X-it Strategies with the idea of assisting leaders with the similar challenges that we faced st Security Networks during and up to the sale.  

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Our confidential work is based on the highest ethical standards, doing what is right for all concerned.


We use pre-existing templates to drive the assessment process, and then insure completeness by considering any areas of the specific business that are not addressed within our templates.
 The scope will be fluid and controlled by the client’s desires and expectation. A consulting agreement will be executed so our understanding of the consulting arrangement is clear.
 we will use tracking tools to monitor the effort and Report our progress weekly. It is critical to managing the client’s expectation, which is most important to our engagement.


Michael H.
I have known Ken for many years prior, and since, X-it in 2015.   I have referred X-It to several groups before, but it was last year that I was able to utilize their services firsthand.  Their deep knowledge of the alarm and home automation industry, as well as their understanding of both the dealer and program business, has given us countless bits of information that has allowed us to function in a low friction environment.  Understanding the divisions, and how each utilize different structures, X-It has been fantastic in pulling it all together which has allowed us to manage at a high volume both from a management and field perspective. 
Jon P.
I have been working with Ken and his team at X-it Strategy Consulting since 2015.  Their experience and methodology have helped elevate the expectations of our finance department.  Ken has helped us navigate multiple transactions and was key in helping us integrate the businesses effectively and efficiently.
Rick Y.
The team at X-it Strategy Consulting goes above and beyond. They are a powerful resource that bring a broad range of experiences to the table - accounting, tax and advisory services to name a few. We have used them to aid in due diligence on acquisition targets, as well as leveraging them with tax advisory services. However, they go beyond those services and are viewed as a partner to my business.

Adam B.

X-it has completed two P&L assessments for our organization to assist us in assessing M&A opportunities. Both times X-it has been precise, timely, and efficient with helping us get the analysis we needed to make a quick and accurate decision. They ask smart questions and turn analysis very quickly. I am confident other firms would charge 5x the cost and take 5x the time to do what X-It helped us do in a very simple and efficient manner. 

Lucas L.

The X-it team has provided the financial acumen needed to help us continue our journey of growth. With out there expertise we would not be in the position we are in today. 

Orlando R.

I have been working with Xit for 7 years now.  I rely on Xit to help our company during the annual budget process, development of financial reporting workbooks and other important analysis that drive value for our business.  I truly enjoy working with them and am always pleased with the quality of work and the value they deliver.  For anyone looking for help with budgets, analysis and accounting, and I highly recommend them.
Peter M.
It’s a genuine pleasure to provide a professional reference for Ken Wiesenfeld. I have known Ken for over ten years, and have worked with him on a wide range of alarm industry topics: from sophisticated financial issues, to strategic planning, to overall corporate governance, I have not met his match. Ken is not just highly intelligent, and well-versed in his field: he also possess a level of integrity that instills trust in everyone he works with. He is also remarkably diligent, and combines efficiency with hard work to great effect. And if that is not enough, I heartily encourage anyone considering working with Ken to contact me directly!"
Richard P.
Lisa P.
"X-it Strategy has been extremely helpful in augmenting finance services.  We have worked with them over several years on a variety of detailed and very complex finance projects including a significant amount of modeling initiatives.   They have been extremely responsive and helpful supporting our initiatives at a variety of levels." 
As CFO of Security Networks, Ken was absolutely critical to the success of the company. And he is much more than a CFO. Ken is not only highly skilled in financial reporting, and budgeting, he is also a process oriented operations executive, with a very high sense of urgency and attention to detail."


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